Earth Day 2022

Happy Earth Day! Here are some of the activities which you can incorporate into your daily activities to bring a change:

1. Planting trees: Planting trees is the first and foremost thing that we can do on Earth Day. Trees not only beautify any area but they help the environment in numerous ways like, producing oxygen and filtering out pollutants to clean the air.

2. Collecting roadside trash: Picking up roadside trash is not a job meant for only a handful of people but is something that we all should do to keep our surroundings clean. Picking up roadside trash and segregating them can help clean your area and stop it from becoming a breeding ground for diseases.

3. Conducting seminars: Organize seminars and programs onEarthDayto spread awareness at school and college levels. It is important to get everyone involved and guide them in finding ways for sustainable living.

4. Become a part of environmental clubs and organisations that are taking corrective measures to protect the planet. Several clubs and NGOs are working in the direction to save the planet while educating others about the repercussions of neglecting the catastrophe we are heading towards.

5. Educate yourself and the people around you: This is yet another activity that you can practice on Earth Day. While efforts are made to raise awareness among institutions and schools, the elderly must also keep a check on their actions that are leading up to environmental damage.

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